Ouroboros Designs

Hand made artisan jewelry using precious metals and natural gemstones. Pieces are generally made to order and may be customized with choices of sterling silver, gold, and different gemstones upon request.

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. It often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end.

Ouroboros Designs is hand made in Southern California and is heavily influenced by mythology and ancient symbols. It combines natural gemstones with oxidized hand finishes that give a feeling of something beautiful you may have just dug out of the ground! Many pieces are one-of-a-kind and others are limited production. We gladly take custom orders as well. Ouroboros Designs are easy everyday pieces that look great with everything from a rock tee and jeans to a flouncy dress.

Ouroboros Designs recently added a fashion collection that allows us to play and experiment with new materials and is super inspired by whimsy, fantasy, and fun!

The Owner/Designer/Head Silversmith of Ouroboros Designs has an extensive background in the fashion & apparel industry. She is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and has worn several hats in the industry including buyer, accessories sales rep, textile sales rep, and merchandiser to name a few. Product development jobs led her to want to do more designing on her own and jewelry had been an interest since working for a jewelry store in college and learning basic jewelry making skills then. She attended The Revere Academy of Jewelry Art in San Francisco to hone her skills and hasn't looked back since.
Gift basket donation for an American Cancer Society event

Gift basket donation for an American Cancer Society event